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I had a black '95, 2wd reg cab shortbox 4.9L with a 5 speed I wanted to lower, not for FE mind you but because I wanted a lowered black truck lol. Just keep in mind that with the Ford IFS front suspension it can get ugly trying to lower them past a certain point, just like the 4x4 guys have a hard time raising them past a certain point. 2 inches is probably workable though, you might want to check some 4x4 forums to see how far you can change things around before you start having issues. The only other thing I can think of is to check the outlet horn on the airbox where the intake pipe hooks up to it. I know on the 460 powered trucks they had a restriction built into them (to keep noise down I believe) that could be hacksawed off, I never did check my truck to see if it had that though.
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