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Well, I doubt they'll violently kill themselves, but you may hear about a few resignations, nonetheless.

I don't believe that either the Denso or the CTS design is superior, really, because DBW is a relatively simple concept that many people try to make seem like some outlandishly complex undertaking. RC cars have been doing exactly this for years, except with radio instead of direct wire control. The differences between the pot/stepper setup of an RC car and the way it could be implemented on a DBW system is basically all in the programming. The DBW system would have to have more than one input to determine optimum stepper setting for the throttle, but that has nothing to do with the most simplistic "volume control" pedal there could be.

Remember my Mantra -

Engineers do it on paper - in 2D. Ever tried to make a 2D object exist and function in 3D space?

Real designers do it in real life, in real time, with real parts. When something doesn't work, we document it, figure out why, and correct it.

Sure, it costs a little more up front, but the end result is a part that doesn't fail, kill someone, and cause a 80 million vehicle recall. Isn't that ultimately what we're after?

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