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Originally Posted by cfg83 View Post
Neil -

Oh yeah, Peugeot's getting whacked also :

Peugeot?s German Plans Hurt by Toyota Venture Recalls (Update1) -

But I want to know if this "plastic friction slider" is an accepted solution by a completely different company. CTS claims it makes the pedals to Toyota specifications. Sooooo, it's a Toyota-engineered design. Maybe someone "did it right", but Toyota goofed.

Toyota would have provided specifications such as the physical size, mounting specs, angles of motion, electrical inputs, outputs and connection type and size, even the color, and the manufacturer would submit their design for technical review and cost analysis. Toyota would also have specified different types of testing the part must be subjected to, such as cyclic testing in varying environmental conditions. That is why the Denso and CTS pedals are physically different, but functionally the same. Toyota may have "goofed" only by not adequately reviewing the long term implications of the different designs.
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