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Originally Posted by MPaulHolmes View Post
Hey Joe! Excellent idea! I'm going to reorder a power resistor with smaller resistance, so that a shorted mosfet would draw an obscene amount of amps (well maybe only like 10 or something), and a fuse that would go off around 5, and the pwm would be such that the max shunt current would be 2 amps. That's a nice easy fix! I might need to add a small inductor to smooth it out, but maybe not.

Cool, that's what I was thinking. Not sure about the inductor though. With no inductor, you'll be drawing pulses of 10A at whatever duty cycle. That might be ok, though. Maybe you just need a slow-blow fuse or something? May take some testing to see if the pulses trip the fuse, but less parts the better.
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