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Originally Posted by MPaulHolmes View Post
How do you mount that type of motor to the bell housing of a transmission? It looks like a perfect motor, I'm just worried about mounting it. Do they even make AC motors that are meant to be bolted by the face to something? My DC forklift motor had 6 holes in the face where I could use six grade 8 bolts to clamp it down with like 60 foot*pounds per bolt.
If you look at the pictures of the motor, you will see 4 bolt holes that are tapped. You would use these to bolt to the adapter plate, but you also would need to fabricate mounts to support the motor by the large foot on the bottom. This motor is too heavy to be supported by the transmission. They tell you so add supports to the warp 11 as well, as it weighs about 230lbs which is too much to hang off the transmission.

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