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These are really good ideas! Hey, want to see something cool? I finally sent in a through-hole prototype of the Syncronous rectification controller to Advanced Circuits. Also, the big beefcake 230amp 200v mosfets (24 of them) arrived!

Also, I finally finished the dang BMS layout. I have tested it almost completely, and it's ready to be sent to Advanced Circuits too:

I figured,there's never a good time to send it in. I'm sure there are some minor mistakes (with the controller), but there ain't nothing like actually making something to fix what's wrong. I ordered 5 of the boards. The next version will probably be surface mount, once I get the bugs worked out. 1000amp here we come! ya! The bms is surface mount, and I like the idea of having a company do the soldering for me.

OH ya, also the control board for the 6kW charger is ready to be sent in too. hehe. There are a couple things I'm going to change with it, so it can talk with the bms.
kits and boards

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