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Open Source ???

Originally Posted by MPaulHolmes View Post
I finally sent in a through-hole prototype of the Syncronous rectification controller to Advanced Circuits.

Also, I finally finished the dang BMS layout. I have tested it almost completely, and it's ready to be sent to Advanced Circuits too.

The next version will probably be surface mount, once I get the bugs worked out. 1000amp here we come!

OH ya, also the control board for the 6kW charger is ready to be sent in too.
Hi Paul,

Congratulations with your success on those new projects.

Question, are the new Synchronous rectification controller, BMS, and 6kW Charger your personal projects or are they going to be shared “open source” projects? I have not seen any hardware (Schematics) or software development on those projects shared in this forum.

Is the revision “C” Cougar Controller the last version of “open source” controller to be openly shared with this forum?

Thanks again to you and all the others in this forum for all your hard and successful work !!!


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