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Originally Posted by dave koller View Post
LOL yes you are right - but we have done it here < needed to remove the link to post>
I know because I worked on the DC supplies - and they do all the Type III in an old freezer with external pumps and cooling ( cooling is the key and great regulation of the current!) -- I guess DIY gets serious with some people.. It definitely is not as easy as the "anodize in a 5 gal bucket" with temp probes - but we all have done the impossible here - but CamLight is right - easier to find someone to do it...
Ahh...good points. I didn't mean to imply that no one should even attempt to do hardcoat anodizing. Some of my stuff gets used by the gov't and military and they won't accept Type III done by anyone but a vendor who will certify their work and the thickness (which determines the voltage that it can stand off). That kind of rubs off on anything I recommend.

If there's someone who wants to DIY the hardcoating for a uber high-power controller heat sink, go for it! It's easy enough to put a high voltage across a test piece and check for current flow.
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