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Polyisobutylene is a synthetic rubber used in some 2 cycle oils for it's lubricity and because it can control the burn...also used in jet fuel to reduce fire dangers.

Also tested as a fuel additive to possibly increase mpg.

Silicone caulk is a synthetic rubber? I'd be maybe scared sheetless to use it in a trans...but I know of people who use straight boric acid in no biggie?

I've heard of the use of Restore additive used in a trans....

Vehicle : 1980 Honda Accord w/ 100k miles

I drove my 1980 Accord from about 90,000 miles on. It was 12 years old when I bought it and ran until I drove it into the ground years later. I used Restore in the engine oil and got noticeable, dramatic improvements in horsepower and gas mileage. What I didn't expect was to have Restore save my manual transmission... Somewhere around 100k, the 5-speed manual transmission started making a horrible low-pitched grinding noise whenever it was in gear. The noise was loud and unsettling and got louder with higher speed... I knew it was probably a bearing and it wasn't worth getting a $700 tranny job on a $300 car. So, in a last-ditch effort to squeeze a little more life out of the poor thing, I added a small (4-cylinder sized) can of Restore to the manual transmission oil... I was ASTOUNDED when - in about 300 miles - the grinding noise started to fade. After a month and about 500 miles, it was COMPLETELY GONE! I never heard another peep out of the transmission! I wouldn't recommend this to anyone unless they have no other options (I looked, and Restore does not recommend their product in manual transmissions), but Restore did completely fix a worn-out, dying manual transmission in a 16-year-old Honda. If it can do that, think of what it can do for worn rings and mainshaft bearings. Chris N "
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