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I love old computers! My family's first was an Osborn (osborne?). Well, weyerhaeuser loaned it to my dad, and all 5 of us kids got a bunch of peanut butter stuck in the keys, and he got in big trouble.

I would still use the 386 (I know, sort of modern compared to a z80) if I could go on the internet with it. It actually loads and runs programs faster than my 4.2GHz dual core processor. hahaha. I really really miss when you had full control over the computer. And when you wanted to turn it off, you turned it off! Not wait 1 hour for the daily updates to security to install. And when you programmed assembly language, you could do anything you wanted to any part of the memory. I'm actually getting depressed now. I better change my conversation. But that's why I like microcontroller programming so much!

Hey Here are some pictures of the partially populated SR control board, and the current sensor test:
Control Board:

Current is 194.1amps. Output voltage on current sensor is 2.866v.

Current is 0amp. Output voltage on current sensor is 2.465v.

How hot is it (degC)? (I warmed it up with a blower thing)

The whole crappy setup! hahaha.
kits and boards
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