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Hey Jack! I have 4 other boards. There are a few annoyances that I've found while assembling it today (a couple component spacing issues, and R29 text I think that was obscured by a via), but nothing horrible as far as mistakes go. Another thing, this one only has CAN (and not rs232). But if you choose to use CAN, you need to leave out a couple of the components on the power input, like the choke, and a diode. I'm going to leave CAN out this time, since there's no network for it to talk with anyway.

There definitely needs to be a version 2, but for crazy people like Jack , this board would be no problem. You can have one if you want! I haven't tested it yet. Heck, I need to finish the software still! man! dang it. This thing better work, or I'm going to be so mad I'll punch Oprah right in her fat rolls!

Almost done!:
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