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Hi Jack! It's funny you should mention the dual outputs. Fran was just talking to me about how an SR controller is hardware identical to a separately excited motor controller. It will be no problem for that I think. 2 isolated pwm signals. heck ya! the CINCON comes in 0-15v versions too (and -15 to 15v). All with 3kV for 1 minute of isolation rating.

This is set up for either a dsPIC2010 or dsPIC4012 (28 pin dip). Without the can bus interface, you can use the really cheap dsPIC2010. I think that canbus is only good for communicating really fast (1 Mbps is no problem for it) between nodes in a high noise environment. It's not good for displaying stuff for humans to read. haha. However, on the next board, I'll use the dsPIC30F4011, which has both rs232 and CAN (and 40 pins). So, the nodes can talk to each other, and then the serial can display data like text for people to read.

By the way, the main benefit of CAN in my opinion is for a BMS. Lots of noise immunity. That's why I'm going to use it.

I'll mail you one.

HAHAHA, i JUST GOT YOUR ANTI-TOYOTA code. hahahahaha. Right. I hope I didn't make a mistake. It might have to be recalled.

Oh ya, I forgot about the schematic. I don't have a good way of posting it. It's in PCB Artist. Maybe I could take screenshots of several pieces of it.
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