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Any tips for a Delivery Guy?

Hey everyone. This is my first post. I've been lurking for awhile and figured it was time to get to know you all. So I just bought my Honda Civic on Wednesday. It's an automatic 2000 model and I was told it was the "VP" (Value Package). I'm not sure if VP means anything so if anyone knows what this might actually be designated as (DX maybe?) I'd appreciate the info.

I've been reading the beginner stuff and doing my best to figure that out. I did pump up my tires to 42 psi (cause 44 just scared me). Still working on my first full tank so we'll see how that goes. But I have some questions.

#1. Since I'm delivering chinese food in town (only on the highway maybe 10-15% of the time) and driving an automatic, what is the best case senario for my MPG? From what I've been reading my job is probably the worst possible for MPG, but I buy my own gas so it would make a big difference in my life if I could even squeeze 35mpg out of this car.

#2. As I understand it my Honda is a sixth generation Civic. I noticed some of you are driving 2000 models. Is there anything different between the 96-2000? Anything you guys could offer as owners of a 2000 or 6th gen. that you've learned?

#3. Pulse and Glide. Ok, I've tried this a few times and can see that it helps maintain the momentum, but I'm scared to death I'm going to tear up my transmission switching to neutral from D4 while driving and back again. Am I just worrying too much or is this a valid concern?

That's about it. I really appreciate any help you guys have for a new guy. I'm really excited to learn from all of you.


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