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Originally Posted by ATaylorRacing View Post
Do not be afraid to go up to the max tire pressure...not much ride difference between 42 and 44 psi. I have also found that those rim damaging chuck holes will often not damage a rim or tire when pumped up to the max...with less air pressure you bend a rim AND hurt a tire!
This is the first time I've even been close to the max pressure with one of my cars. My father, who knew nothing about cars, used to say, "Eh...keep em' about 32 psi and you'll be fine". I can definitely tell a huge difference in the traction I'm getting even at 42. Its like I can "feel" the road a lot better. It was raining tonight and I wasn't skidding much at all (even when I was trying a little) which is a big change from when I was delivering with my Saturn at the old 32psi.

Here's a question though. I've seen on some forums people are getting theirs up to 60psi even. Do they have some kind of super-tires or are they just a little bit crazy? Also, I recently saw a tire that claimed to be fuel-saving. Something like 2,500 mi over the life of the tire. When I think about it, that doesn't actually sound like much at all. Is there a "best fuel-efficiency tire" I should look for?
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