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Originally Posted by beardedproductions View Post
@Frank Lee

I'm not one to take much time warming up the car in the morning or between deliveries. Then again I've always been told it's best for the car.

What about idling at stop lights. I'm trying to learn how to time them (is there a guide on that?) but I still end up sitting at a lot of them and I'm sure that adds up. Would that be the time to put it in neutral or does it even make a difference?


It's still a little chilly so I can see the hood blanket helping. Grill block means to put something behind the grill to keep the airflow out, right? What are the chances I'm going to over-heat my car doing that? Does blocking inhibit anything else in the car(Air?)? Also, what about when it starts to get consistently warm again? Would the blanket still be useful or is it getting too hot at that point?

I'm not familiar with "auto-choke" but I get the concept of fooling the computer. How do I learn to fool it?


About once a month I think "Man I could save a lot of money on gas if I delivered with a scooter. And then I remember I'd have to balance 4 bags at once while driving it. Ah well. I can dream.
If you wish to ecomod these areas some understanding of cars is required or you could overheat your Honda. Not losing heat between deliveries will help FE a lot. I'd start by reading past threads where most of this has been discussed. I've never had a Civic
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