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Holy cow! CANbus is operational! I successfully had communication going between 2 nodes. I'm really really really really... really happy right now!

I sent 8 bytes as a single packet. They were 'a', 'b', 'c', ... , 'h'.

Originally, the 8 bytes of the receiving buffer had '1', '2', ... , '7', 'nothing' hehe.

I displayed it on the screen through the UART. So it can do CAN and RS-232 at the same time. hurray! noise immunity between everything that counts (and 500kBPS to 1 Mbps data rate), and slow crappy transmission for the user to see. haha

See the green and yellow wires connecting the 2 breadboards? They are the connecting wires for the canbus! You can't teach that, it's all instinct! hahaha

It worked on the first try. That never happens. Ever. Never.
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