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"The 6 bms boards are like 50 hours worth of soldering, so cancer, here I come! hahahaha. Actually, I'll just solder them a little, and test it, and then send the other ones in to have them solder them automatically".

Well at least you won't be alone, I think I just got a little cancer myself while in Phoenix for the weekend, seems to be the place to be lately! Got to tool around in my grandpas electric golf cart (he just got new batteries....I'm jealous).

So, question: does anyone see a problem with a hybrid agm-LiPo4 pack? I want to eventually upgrade to lithiums, but can't afford them all at once. My 110ah agm pack seems to be slowly dying, and it seems silly to replace them with $200+ new agms that will only last a couple of years of daily driving at best. Anyway, if I run a string of 4 Thundersky 100ah batterines in series with the rest of the pack and charge/balance them separately (with Paul's new fancy bms/charger), theoretically they should be able to keep up and still have plenty of charge left when the rest of the lead pack dies, right (especially once I install my 1000amp revolt and start to unleash old Peukert)?

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