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Originally Posted by squiggles View Post
The trick with soldering is to think of thermal mass. If you are trying to heat up something that is going to suck up a lot of heat your soldering iron needs to have mass, not a matter of being hotter but having more stored energy. Otherwise the target sucks out all the heat from the iron before it is hot enough to solder.

Also with circuit boards you want this all to happen relatively quickly, having to much heat in the PCB for too long will weaken the structure. You will see this with fine track work, the tracks will start to lift from the board.
Most defiantly!! I use my Weller 800 degree cranked up to max with a fine, long point and solder boards QUICK, LOL! But big buss bars really suck away the heat as you say.. I think on boards it is getting used to moving fast with the higher heat - would not recommend it for people just starting out... I have been doing it for a LONG time.. small pads - move fast - large ground planes move slower - it gets to be like welding
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