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Yoko Avid's are what I am buying too...

Originally Posted by AeroModder View Post
Just ordered a set of Yokohama AVID TOURING-Ss. Someone on a Prius forum I found reported an extra MPG above the OEM Integritys, and I bet they'll be MUCH better than my Wal-Mart specials Douglas XtraTrac IIs I have now.

They're also rated at 51 PSI max, much better than my current 44.
I have used them before. Did 205/75-15's on a '97 Camry for approx 9.25% over size on diameter.

At a mere 40lbs they were firm enough to get 35-36 on the Camry, great wet traction, decent light snow and OK dry traction. They were quiet too.

Inflated to 50 the solid line tread down the middle of tire makes for pretty good LRR tire.

I will be doing 205/70-15, approx 6% oversize from stock 195/70-14's.

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