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Originally Posted by captainslug View Post
All that's needed to watercool the MOSfet heatspreader is a ball-end milled channel or two along the side opposite the mosfets. Then use a torch to silver solder a length or two of 1/4" OD copper tubing into the channel(s). Or just skip the milled channel and sloppily solder the tubes on after flattening them a little.

You can then use instant-tube fittings on its ends to connect it to a pump, reservoir, and radiator.

I wouldn't recommend trying to add cross-drilled channels inside the heat spreader since you don't want to mix aluminum and copper in a water-cooling loop. Doing that would lead to galvanic corrosion unless your coolant mixture isn't atleast 40% antifreeze.
There's also just not much space inside the heat spreader to add them anyways without having to replace the through-bolt holes with shorter tapped holes.

Does anyone have a mechanical drawing of the heat spreader or any information on the hole spacings on it? I could work up a printable machining template for the wiki if I simply have some measurements to work from.
Yes, you definitely would want to use an antifreeze mix on any water cooled set up, even if there is only one metal present.
Also, I have the ability to bore clear through and thread each end so there is no need to use copper elbows. It's a clean, neat option for those that want it.
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