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Originally Posted by Arminius View Post
I'll watch this with interest, Harpo, since I have the exact same car (model, year, even the color). I plan to make a number of mods to my car, too. However, they must all be pretty much covert because my wife hates to have anything even slightly abnormal on the car. I want to keep the car as appealing to her has possible because she wants to make it hers when I finally buy an electric car.

My first mod will involve buying prefabricated screens to go behind all the front openings. I will cover them with something black.

Tell her you'll spend 10% of the savings on a nice dinner.

Rummaging around the shop, I found some old Filter Foam I used as a hood to aircleaner seal for some custom cold air intakes a few years back. It's black, and I think I can cut it to precisely fit the upper grill. It'll certainly stop the high pressure air, but probably allow some bleed air at low speeds with fan operations. It'll look a bit more stealthy. I'll post when she's done.
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