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More on Magnets

Check out the work of Albert Roy Davis for more magnet information.

Large permanent magnets, to my understanding, have been in use in Europe to reduce scaling in commercial boilers. Please note that this involves the use of NORTH pole magnetic energy.

Apparently, NORTH pole encourages dissolved solids to stay in solution, whereas SOUTH pole of magnet encourages the phase change of a liquid to the gaseous state.

FWIW I used to have a homemade "plate" of magnets attached to the bottom of my gas tank, with the SOUTH pole facing the tank. Never measured MPG though.

For those of you willing to consider reality a bit further out of the box, I recommend a book: The Odic Force by Dr. Baron Karl von Reichenbach. I believe this is the factor that influences gasoline to vaporize more readily and thus provide better FE.

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