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Question GTE Fuel Saver

i ran a few searches and the general vibe is that magnets are hype. i don't see any button to "delete post"


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For fuel, I don't think they would do anything useful. But for oil, it can catch metal particles. In fact, a lot of transmissions already have internal magnets for that purpose.
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al_capwn -

Magnetics and Fuels
The report on the Petro-Mizer quotes Professor John C. Hilliard of the Automotive Laboratory at the University of Michigan discussing another magnetic fuel-saving device called the Moleculator. Professor Hilliard said, "Hydrocarbon fuels such as gasoline have hardly any dipole (separation of positive and negative charges), and for this reason, the fuel molecules would not align appreciably in this type of device. If they were aligned, the fuel dipoles would certainly be randomized subsequently - if not in the fuel line, then in the process of vaporization prior to actual combustion. Furthermore, even if such an alignment device did what the Moleculator's manufacturer claims this one does, there would be absolutely no advantage to any aspect of mixture preparation or flame propagation relating to combustion efficiency or vehicle fuel economy."
Gas magnets: How well do they work? 11/22/05 | abc12.com
This is an old tape eraser they used to use here at abc12. There are some powerful magnet in here. You would take a video tape that you wanted erased, put it on the device and turn it on. The magnets are powerful enough they can rearrange the molecules on the video tape. That's the concept behind magnets on fuel lines.

The package label says the magnets cause clusters of hydrocarbons in the gas to separate. The fuel will burn more completely and cleanly.

"This magnet certainly is not going to be strong enough to break apart any molecules. The magnets are really not powerful enough to do much of anything. Common sense says even if I were able to somehow align the molecules, there's still a lot of turbulence between the point where you put the magnets and the fuel actually gets inducted into the cylinder. Any alignment you would have would be gone by the time you get it in the cylinder. So these things generally do nothing for your system at all," said Professor Greg Davis, from Kettering University.

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On the other hand:

All fluids have what is known as “surface tension”. This is observable when one is able to float a steel sewing needle on top of a glass of water. Surface tension is what keeps liquids in their liquid state, as opposed to simply evaporating away. The strength of the surface tension can be overcome thermally. The amount of thermal energy required to overcome the surface tension of a liquid can be quantified as the boiling point of the
liquid. If the surface tension can be reduced by a non-thermal means, then the thermal energy requirements to overcome the surface tension (boiling point) is reduced.
Magnets have been shown to reduce surface tension in liquids by reorganizing large groupings of charge clusters into smaller groupings within the liquid. Molecularly, the liquid remains unchanged; both in molecular arrangement, and electrical and ionic charge. Charge clusters are what make groups of molecules clump together.
Differences in magnetic and electrical biases cause opposites to attract, therefore clumping clusters of molecules together. For the liquid to evaporate, it must first overcome the magnetic pull that keeps the molecules together within the liquid state.
Magnets reorganize the arrangement of charged clusters thereby enabling an easier (lower energy input) release from the liquid medium to a vapor state. Typical gains in economy from the use of magnets on fuel lines range from 10% to 12% from improved fuel vaporization and oxidation. Much data supports reduced exhaust emissions also.
Read the scientific reports: http://www.anl.gov/PCS/acsfuel/prepr...03-98_0216.pdf

Note that they use STRONG fields. Somebody in another forum said that he got good result using electromagnets, not permanent magnets.

Pseudo-science? You'll be the judge.
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More on Magnets

Check out the work of Albert Roy Davis for more magnet information.

Large permanent magnets, to my understanding, have been in use in Europe to reduce scaling in commercial boilers. Please note that this involves the use of NORTH pole magnetic energy.

Apparently, NORTH pole encourages dissolved solids to stay in solution, whereas SOUTH pole of magnet encourages the phase change of a liquid to the gaseous state.

FWIW I used to have a homemade "plate" of magnets attached to the bottom of my gas tank, with the SOUTH pole facing the tank. Never measured MPG though.

For those of you willing to consider reality a bit further out of the box, I recommend a book: The Odic Force by Dr. Baron Karl von Reichenbach. I believe this is the factor that influences gasoline to vaporize more readily and thus provide better FE.


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