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Smile Tried Ferrosilicate Restoration yet?

Aloha Y'all,

I suggest you check out RVS Technology (please Google it, I don't have enough posts yet to allow links): metal ceramic treatment for the restoration of your engine, transmission and differential for information on a "new" (to you) technology that rebuilds the surfaces of ferrous metallics in your vehicle. Essentially its a magnesium silicate mineral slurry suspended in a gel that mixes with either engine oil or transmission fluid and undergoes a chemical transformation at the wear points, burning off the magnesium atom and bonding to the ferrous atom to create a smooth new surface.

As well, there's a couple of YouTube links showing this technology at use in an attempted restoration of a power steering unit with whining bearings: just please search for RVS technology.

Sorry about the lack of links -- you'll have to cut and paste. Please bear in mind that I'm only 21 with 40 years of experience.
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