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Originally Posted by ShadeTreeMech View Post
I love reading about snake oil. It's entertaining, and reminds me of all the big claims about the hydrogen generators
Frank Lee wrote:
I want to add it to my cereal, and especially my shampoo.
Maybe we could just have a thread called "what works & what doesn't"?

IMHO, these additives are proven to work:

The "guaranteed to pass" stuff, which is a fuel additive, does work to reduce emissions (temporarily).

Some automatic transmission additives that contain solvents can work (if your car is over 20 years old and has age-related, hardened seals that are sticking, or hanging up).

Radiator sealants can work - the same as the old standby, ground black pepper also works, by floating around in the system and plugging up the radiator leak, if it's not too big.

But claims of motor oil additives increasing fuel economy? Nope.

My vote is with the guys who mentioned snake oil, feel-good shampoo and the 'breakfast of champions'.
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