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Originally Posted by dcb View Post
Be strong

They are driving around the city saying 31 mpg (without properly qualifying it), that is pretty dishonest, not "smart". Under those conditions it should be saying 19mpg. And if you do a lot of those powerslides it should be flashing 5mpg in huge red letters!
They have been doing this for years. Started in the 70s.
The truth today with giant plenums and a hopeless balance of 6 cylinders at a wrong angle untl boxer'd.. man o man. They must think we are all stupid.

convert it to realtime draft and see how fast it dies with real'll do 31 alright, for 60k miles tops...and a carburator you can take with you when it dies..

One of the road tests I found showed the infamous rear axle hops the v6 always dishes out...amazing marketing, I am glad you tube exists and regular people with thier cameras.

"shoulda had a v8" is a saying I recall...the difference is so minimal, in consumption, the balance alone is worth the v8.
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