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Since I'm already using a wheel as a mold, I just apply release wax to the wheel but not the center cap, et voila. Epoxied in place as it cures. A bolt, OTOH, would pass right through the H logo which you can still make out.

Originally Posted by Formula413 View Post
Nice work, how much FE do you think it will pick up? And can you get an air nozzle onto the valve stem ok? I don't think the 12V compressor I use would fit.

I wonder how this would look on my car...
I expect the FE gain to be smaller than for most cars. The old wheels had pretty good aero.

My air hose fits on fine, but I can't get my fingers in there to unscrew the valve cap. I'll probably enlarge the hole with tinsnips.

How does it look? I don't know. I'm running it up the flagpole. Actually, I've only made one of these so far, because I only have one spare center cap.

I've been trying to formulate a theory of automotive aesthetics. One thing that people find ugly is poor build quality, such as my occasionally mismatched colors, uneven panel gaps, and lumpy bodywork. I'll improve if I choose to.

Another thing people find ugly is things they don't expect. They expect wheels to be shiny, surfaces to have smooth texture and high gloss, wheels to be unskirted... and most unfortunately, they are averse to unfamiliar body styles, including the streamlined body.

The 1970 Citroen SM was regarded as "ugly". What a shame. It was aerodynamically superior to its competition.

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