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Making EVs BETTER than traditional cars

Hey Folks,

Tonight, I got a comment/question on about electric vehicles I have posted elsewhere on the internet.

The question was "Can an electric car have air conditioning?"

I replied that the answer is, of course, YES! I then briefly explained how it can be done.

But that got me thinking........

The EV-1 could heat OR cool the car automatically BEFORE you got in it!

The Nissan Leaf is supposed to be able to do all sorts of things (pre-cool, program when recharging starts, etc.) by programming it with a cell phone.

So, Electric Vehicles can do the same things that traditional gasoline cars can (such as have air conditioning) but they can even do some other things even BETTER!

People often ask what I do for heat in the winter. I never even bothered to build in a heater. Rather, I just set an existing heater directly in the car, set on a timer. When I hopped in the car in the morning, the car was already warm! Try that in a gasser! (with your car parked in the garage, with the door closed.)

If we are going to play around with things like electric conversions, why even try to be like a gas car. Instead, why not exploit the unique advantages of EVs to create something far better!?

Does anyone else have cool ideas for a home electric conversion - to make it better/more fun/more useful than a gas car?

I still think I would like to rig mine up with a full battery pack inverter. In case of a blackout, my car could power my house!

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