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My recommendation, at the moment would be to set up a separate thread for the Arduino.

I just finished typing in a far more lengthy answer, but my login timed out and I forgot to make a copy before I refreshed the page, so that's gone.

In any case, here is what I recall and the rest must not have been important.

We could make something initially that was rot gut cheap, using just 3 LED's. What we are principally interested in is whether the ratio of the injector pulse width, relative to the speedometer pulse width, is going up, going down, or within some window, staying the same. This could correspond to the LED's.

Alternatively, we could go down a stand alone, LED or LCD 4 character display with a couple of buttons.

Or, we could just feed the pulse widths of the two inputs out the serial connection, to a device, which could be a Palm, Blackberry or PC. The time would be Arnuio time, but a user interface on any of the three could interpret that and scale it, according to a adjustment from the user.

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