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Originally Posted by Old Tele man View Post
...I'm getting 36+ mpg (...and intermittant "peaks" up to 40+ mpg) on my '09 Vibe with 1.8L with automatic. The US gas tank capacity is listed at 13.2 gallons.

...which? is that "Ca" as in California or Canada?
Second tank = 32.
Not great but it included a lot of traffic and city driving. Also I live a mile up a steep hill which hits my milage pretty hard. Plus a hilly commute with traffic bits.

I've read the 108 tips and follow some of the less invasive techniques (coasting in neutral and rare coasting with engine off, stay at or below 65, look 30 seconds ahead, and similar).

Need to change out the current 5w30 oil (Toyota installed but not Toyota recommended ... The manual recommends 5w20 or [or 0w20 "for improved efficiency]). Impact should be small though, maybe 1-2% increase.

I'm open to any suggestions though!!!

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