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Hello, here is a great link. hahaha

Hey Check out this paragraph:

Even if resonant induction ends up being limited to short distances, it may yet have a great influence, particularly for the future of transportation. “We now [have the means to] charge a car safely and efficiently over gaps of 20 to 40 centimeters, and we believe we can build that into a roadway system,” says Covic. “That’s probably a decade away, but you’ve got to have a vision, and ours is roadway-powered systems.”

So, seriously, how are they going to do this in a gas car? That's what I'm really in favor of developing. I have an idea:

Basically, you put the gas in the front nozzle of the missile. Then shoot it at the car. The trick is, when the missile hits the car, you have to figure out a way to make the car not explode. Instead, you need to have perhaps a giant foam pad that will absorb the blow from the missile, and that will then filter the gas into the tank. It sounds complicated, but I think it can be made to work.
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