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Originally Posted by NeilBlanchard View Post
The biggest problem with resonant inductance (like Witricity) is that it is about 50% efficient, and it takes ~10s to "lock on". Unless these can be improved (especially the locking on part) then getting any significant power transferred to a vehicle moving even at slow speeds seems problematic, at best.
Why worry about charging a moving vehicle, when you can just have them charge while they're parked?

Same deal - battery electric car, can go ~100 miles on a charge under current "normal use" conditions (A/C, radio, etc.). How many people really go 100 miles a day, let alone without stopping?

Basically, you're removing the need to plug in the car everywhere you go, and making it such that just parking in an EV-designated parking space will "top off" your batteries (provided you park there long enough...).

I'd think that the "lock on" problem would be mostly a non-issue with that method.

For those that go more than ~100 miles non-stop, well, guess you'll still need your range extender, eh?

Working on the efficiency end of the system will/should enable a faster charge time, though, which means that quick trip into the store to get milk, a magazine, and a pack-o-cancer might just be enough charge to keep the car topped off.
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