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Originally Posted by dcb View Post
I think folks have gone off the deep end on wireless conveniences.

who REALLY needs a wireless keyboard when the thing never leaves the spot in front of the monitor? Why are those batteries being put into play there?!?

I don't even like cordless mowers, I want my mower to work reliably and always, and man does it have some oomph, puts my old gasser to shame. And I'm not pushing a battery pack over every square inch of the lawn, just have to mow in a pattern away from the outlet so I don't cut the cord.


1. I do need a wireless keyboard. I use my tv as a computer monitor and as a tv because I dont have space for both in my livingroom. Since I dont have a desk I use my coffee table thats about 3 feet away. Saves space and time for me.

2. Don't have any outdoor plugs to use so If i use my plug in mower I can only mow up to 10 feet from my backdoor. So I use a reelmower. Works good since I mostly have moss and clover.
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