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Originally Posted by Chris D. View Post

I looked at a Chevy Metro listing on autozone and that vs the older Geo
cars didn't have a cable listed for replacment, absolutly all cable actuated?

I'd like a/c for the time the girlfriend is riding with me..
Humidity sucks out here in the summer time also..

Isn't the XFi an older model? older than 1996 (pre OBDII?)
If I regear it with the trans, cam and cam gear, will it be less powerfull or more torquey?

I'd be thrilled to death just to have a 35mpg combined vehicle..
I think there was a 1.6L Suzuki Swift sold in Canada that had a hydraulic clutch, but all 1.0/1.3 cars had a clutch cable.

XFi was only in the older body style.

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