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New aeromods, including the boat-tail, are on hold. I need to bring my existing aeromods up to a higher standard of design and craftsmanship first.
This means I have to get rid of the lumpy fiberglass, chipping paint, mismatched colors, exposed fasteners, and inconsistent textures. That's an awful lot of work, but it's necessary.

If/when I can achieve that level of quality, I'll see if I can build a boat-tail that looks like it was put there on purpose by someone who knew what he was doing.

I can Help with this, I have build Fiberglass molds professionally for the last 18 years and also know body work, I could walk you threw what to do and what materials you need, first thing is you will need a good shop temperature to aid in the curing, I would think over 50 Degrees would do,
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