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Originally Posted by dremd View Post
You are correct about oil pressure, I've had a few Toyota VVTI motors apart before.
The Rover VVC uses the same method, hence my thought. Worth a look at the non return type filter or is this the wrong tree I'm woofing at ?

Originally Posted by dremd
To be honest, I forgot about turbo seals

Is your VRX a PD? I'm not up to date with Euro TDi years/ motors.

MY ALH TDI used just over 1 cup in the last 60,000 miles (last drain), I thought I was burning a little bit, but an astute friend noted that that is about the amount that I have sent off for sampling.
The VRS uses the 130 PD engine, either the ASZ or BLT engine codes, mine is the ASZ one. I did monitor the oil when I got is (24K miles) as I noted the replaced turbo warranty paperwork but it didn't and hasn't used any between refills since.

Being an old BL/BMC A-series user I'm kind of used to engines using a bit of oil. I did have a small leak which in retrospect was the oil film leaking from the joint in the turbo pipe and making its way down to the floor when I parked on my sloping drive.

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