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Originally Posted by ShadeTreeMech View Post
I suspect the smoke you were seeing was as result of lost boost pressure--the boost pipe you fixed was on the pressurized side, correct? Assuming that, the smoke was likely unspent fuel the engine injected while expecting full boost pressure. Hence the reason naturally aspirated diesels tend to be a bit smoky; the extra air helps to burn all the fuel.
Thats pretty much it. I shall monitor the gaffer tape (for survival in rain etc) and renew as needed. At the next service I may go for the uprated ones those who have remaps go for but they cost a lot, or a dogleash fix as described on TDI forums but modified my leak is on the join halfway down and not at the turbo at the back of the engine.

A guy at work who is into boosting his MINI a lot suggests single piece uprated 'chav' (aka 'ricer') style ones but it will need some flex in it as the engine moves but the intercooler stays still.
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