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PV rooftop system

Originally Posted by sid View Post
SMAridge01: I'm still grid tied. I do have battery backup so I could go off grid in the future, as well as for back up in case the grid goes down, like during a hurricane. To date, I'm generating over three times as much power as I'm using, so I am selling power back to the power company.
This is a great success story. Please share some of the details with those of us sitting on the fence about installing on of these systems.

What was the total cost? What did you get back in rebates, tax writeoffs, etc.?

When do you feel you will reach the break even point savings vs, cost of the system.

What type of batteries do do you have and what are the potential maintenance problems and possible hazardous substances involved?

Generating three times what you use. Pretty good. Is that based on a peak or a 24 hour average?

Not doubting your claims but it would be nice to see about a years worth of electric bills before the installation of the PV system and as many as you have after installation.
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