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Originally Posted by PaleMelanesian
Cruising, even at 90 mph, isn't putting that much load on the engine.
In my experience from listening to the whistle boost varies more with throttle that speed. I can do 90 mph downhill with no boost, and 60 uphill on full. Mine whistles at under 1.5K when setting off and short shifting.

Originally Posted by PaleMelanesian
I can see a problem with P&G type driving, though.
What are those issues please ?

Originally Posted by PaleMelanesian
My limited experience with diesels is with a Honda 2.2 iCDTi, but it ran vacuum unless you pretty much bury the pedal. Driven carefully, you could go all day long and not see any boost at all.
Not doubting but wondering as I don't have an SG or similar yet, how does it go into vacuum with no throttle ?

The Civic boosts from very low revs so avoiding it entirely would be tricky.
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