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Originally Posted by Ryland View Post
I bought my car with a foam air filter and run foam air filters on all my motorcycles, I used to use K&N filters on my motorcycles but they left way to much grit in the carburetor, so I made my own foam filters with bulk air filter foam from a motorcycle parts store, I use the same high tack filter oil as the K&N filters call for, my carburetor stays clean, my performance is the same as with the K&N and better then it was with the paper filter, for my car I keep a spare paper filter on hand so I can drop it in while I wash the foam filter.
I know that last time I checked amsoil was selling dry "microfiber" air filters, that they claimed caught more dirt then paper or K&N filters, and had as good if not better air flow to K&N filters, and apparently you blow them clean with compressed air, but they don't make one for the VX last I checked.
I just got a instant message from a friend mentioning the amsoil..

has potential and the price isn't too bad, has a decent warranty as well..

Originally Posted by trebuchet03 View Post
Dirty air filter doesn't mean restricted flow

The only filters I change frequently are:
*Oil: 10K Miles @ oil change
*Cabin Filter: 25K miles (and I spend the $30 for the factory one because it has a charcoal layer - it has worked pretty well at filtering diesel exhaust )

I change my air filters when the rubber/plastic seal falls apart.. Probably if the oil analysis shows a consistent rise in silica too.
great link! sounds like a dealer filter mite be the way to go and i'll do whats called the "elbow mod" in the Tacoma world to my airbox which removes a slight restriction from before the airbox..


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