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Camry CE - '00 Toyota Camry CE
90 day: 36.18 mpg (US)
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Accounting software consultant...

1st job when I was 10 delivering the Long Island Press(died long ago).
Can remember sitting on the curb handing my dad tools out of his old gray Craftsman tool box. He could fix just about anything and thanks to him and my own inquisitive mind I can too. I just mounted my new tires on my picnic table recently, saved myself at least $40 on the mount and balance and about $60 more buying them of off the net.

1st car was a '74 Celica 4 speed. Got 28 mpg in the early 80's and little did I know I was hyper-miling down the hills on the Palisades Parkway.

Worked as auto parts counterman, pumped gas in service station and fixed my mom's and some of my friends cars until I eventually got my act together and went college.

While at SJU got my 1st PC in '85 and did all my friends computer assignments in my accounting classes.

BS in accounting St. John's U in NY '87. Got into accounting software right out of SJU and have been a self-employed consultant ever since.

When ever anything breaks I always analysis where the engineering failed and "mod" it to make it better whenever I can. Sometimes I am right, sometimes I'm not!

My real passion is long range drives. Used to "commute" back and forth btw 29464 and 11010, 757 miles door to door. My records were 36.5 mpg and 10 hrs and 15 minutes! OF course these 2 records were exclusive of each other! Current "commute is 275 miles btw 03911 and 10017. 4.5 hrs and 36.88 best so far.

Btw 911, killed my biz for like 3 yrs and this recession, I am only working partime. Really would kike to quit the software gig and get my CDL and drive the big rigs!

2000 Camry CE 5 speed 128+K. Best 37.0, Goal is to break thru 36 consistently(Attained). New Goal 38.
ScanGauge II, Unibrow(1 wiper) Air Intake, Mud flap delete, 3.5+" Front Spoiler, Full Moon Hubcaps(Lost). Upper Grille block. (New and improved Fall edition)
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