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Originally Posted by jasonck08 View Post
Just wanted to know what you guys would recommend doing first. I'm not interested in doing damage to the car, but I wouldn't mind adding a few things onto it to make it more aero dynamic.

This isn't mine, but looks just like it:

I was thinking about doing something to the front bumper / grill using some aluminum in the 1/8" to 1/16" range. What would you guys do?

I typically drive very short distances under 5 miles usually so my MPG sucks usually. But 1/2 the miles are on the freeway, so I thought I could benefit a little from some aero mods, and I'd really benefit on the occasional longer trip.

But with your short range, local driving the only real gains you are going to make are by Pulse and Glide or getting a lighter car.

I know that costs $$$. Thats the reason I have a 10 yr old Camry and not a 5 yr old Prius.

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