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[QUOTE=fabrio.;17825]A solution came from a self made air filter, like my work

fabrio. is that added in front of your stock filter?

The best thing I like about K&N is mice can't chew thur the steel mesh. I do use one the Vett race only.

But with the K&N my crankase vent system doesn't work as well on the diesel.
The vacuum pump doesn't work as well because it is hooked to the crankcase.
It doesn't filter the fine particles as well because my intake is getting dirty.
The K&N allows a louder intake noise on the diesel.
I did not gain any mileage improvement, if anything lost, because less crankcase vacuum.

quote""I would only use a non-paper element in somthing that could use the extra air flow (ie a diesel or performance car)""
More air won't help if I am already running an air/ fuel ratio of 100 to 1.

quote""I'm going to try just using my air compressor and blowing the dirt out of the paper one from the back side (clean side).""
Most engine manuals warn against blowing out paper elements with any thing but low pressure regulated air, tapping the metal canister kind against a tire for xample is allowed on a combine harvester for example were I can get a pound (1Lb.) of fuzz in the trap in one afternoon.

I wish i had my $35 back on the one for the VW diesel.

I hold the paper ones up to the sun and if i can see light on every pleat, i put it back in. My big diesels have a sensor and a red light if the filter becomes too restrictive. Why not all cars?

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