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If you spill a ton of oil cat litter is pretty good at soaking it up. If you get it quick enough it doesn't leave much of a stain either.

Mechanics, gaerages arrgh.

I used to wrench my cars back in the good old days but less so now. Back then I had more time and no money, now I have neither of both

When I got my current car they promised a service (it was used) so it went back a week or so later. I checked it when it came back and the oil was fresh, filter changed and fluids all up to the right level. All seemed OK.

A couple of days later I heard a rattle from a front wheel. So thinking maybe a loose pad or something scraping I went to take the wheel off. As I pulled the cover for the bolts off out fell the locking wheel nut. Oh oh.

Then I went to put it back on and it wouldn't go on at all. It turned out that the DPO had decided to spend hundreds of quid on new wheels and tyres (aftermarket and I hate them) but not the extra 20 or so on the correct locking nuts. And worse the garage had just been banging them on for the half turn they would do and hoping they wouldn't come loose.

And then there was the Volvo dealer which would charge 70 quid for oil I could buy for 30 and 10 quid to top up the already full screenwash and wanted to replace front brakes for 400 quid for an MOT (safety test) pass when the other garage quoted 180 quid, said it wasn't needed and put the car through the MOT which it passed with no work done at all anyway.
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