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I always do my own oil/filter changes on all our cars and bikes. I had bad experiences with the quick lube shops, i.e wrong oil filters or missing dip sticks!! they told me it must have fell out due to the car being a stick shift!!!!!!. My last one was on my 09 Vibe this year before I drove to Florida, I had the car in for a recall ( sticking gas pedal ) and they offered me a real cheap oil change, so I said what the hell ok go ahead. The car was sitting for hours before they did it, it normally takes me 20 mins or so to do it myself. Anyway all was well until a few weeks later when I went to change the oil after the trip, I found the filter was not on that tight at all!! That's the last time I will let them change my oil.
Also the dealerships want you to have the wheels rotated and brakes checked, I told them I rotate them when I swap winter to summer wheels and back again, and I inspect my brakes when I swap wheels ( not that I use my brakes much ). I was even told one time my brakes were dirty and needed servicing ( this was during the winter ) of course they are dirty I told them look outside at the crud on the road and you will see why!!
Remember this is how they make their money.

Have a good one, Neddy Seagoon.
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