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Originally Posted by peewee View Post
Back in the year of 1989, I rode a bicycle from Rock Hill SC all the way to Vernal UT. 2100 miles in 31 days. I figure I consumed about 4000 calories per day. Potato chips, beanie weenies, milk shakes, peanuts, anything that provided calories. And meals from roadside reataurants. Calories. Anything.

And I have to reckon that I produced a huge amount of methane in those 31 days, perhaps not as much as the cows on the planet do, but I added my share.

So, did I harm the enviroment by burning no petro-chemical substances for a month? I moved myself most of the way across the continent with only muscle power, but it really concerns me now that I may have harmed the enviroment in the process, even worse than driving a car. I feel really guilty...

I think that probably did harm our environment sir. Maybe containment would be a good option here so as to use the methane as a type of fuel. I have had an idea about this for some time now, maybe we could put our collective heads together?
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