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Originally Posted by Darxus View Post
Instead of hooking 600A of batteries up to a single bank of mosfets, break the batteries up into 6 isolated packs of 100A. Hook each 100A pack of batteries up to a separate bank of mosfets. Evenly stagger the triggering of each of the six banks of mosfets. So each bank only gets 100A, and you're still outputting the full 600A (max). Did that make sense?
Ok, I understand the setup. Keep in mind that the controller shares B+ with the M+ terminal. They are hardwired together, eliminating any isolation from multiple packs. There could still be separate banks of mosfets to switch connections from M- to the B- terminal of different packs, but unfortunately, the output would not add together as proposed.

When one bank switches on, it carries the motor current which will rise slightly until it switches off. At that point, the diodes carry the current until the next bank switches on. Each bank will see the full motor current whenever it is switched on. Thus, each bank would have to be sized for the full motor current.

In order for the current to be shared among all of the mosfets, they need to be switched on simultaneously.
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