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Originally Posted by voltmatic automaton View Post
i need some advice on the control board. I was wiring everything up for my install, had the power section in and wired up and went to wire in the control board.
The traction battery was connected to the power section? it may be best to complete the controller before applying traction voltage.

something went ZAP and now the control board won't light up on a 12 volt all.
the schematic shows an LED that's lit by the output of the cincon DCDC. It just stays lit if it's working. The other LED is driven by the micro. This one would blink if there was an error. Are they both out?

There's also a circuit to detect if the cincon DCDC isn't working, but I think that all it does is disable the PWM output so that the controller won't turn on the mosfets with low voltage from the DCDC.

so my question is which components should i start looking at for a failure if 120v somehow zapped the board?
Sounds like the cincon is dead. It should have a 12V output. Its output is isolated, but something inside may have shorted and taken out stuff on the input side. You can check the voltage on the 7805 regulator to see if you get 5V out.

just to clear the confusion, im using the power stage of a logisystems controller. just removed the lem and installed the revolt board. since there wasn't the space i decided to go with the zilla idea of making the power stage a seperate module to the control board stage...kinda like the hairball idea.
I dig the idea - are you planning to use the mosfet driver on the control board? It needs to be physically close to the mosfets that it is driving. You might consider making your own mosfet driver board that is in the power section. I think Adam did something like this?

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