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Originally Posted by Piwoslaw View Post
On many occasions people have told me they can't slow down because their time is worth xxx money. Or that they want to spend more valuable time at home with the family. So ask straight out: but will you really be making money in that extra time, or spending it with the family, or will you plop in front of the TV with a beer? That's usually the end of the discussion. I'm lucky I still have all my teeth.
Not only that, but they are probably kidding themselves anyway and not saving a friggin minute driving like a fool.

Just minutes ago I went out on a test drive with a customer, HOLY CRAP did he drive like hell! WOW, this guy was accellerating not only up to stop lights only to almost panic break at the last second but did the same with cars out on the road! He would be ACCELERATING up on a car as some slower moving car was changing lanes into this lane in front of the car in front of us. I saw this and I KNEW it was going to slow down the car in front of us, this was simple common sense for Gods sake. But this guy I was riding with was actually STILL accelerating! It was WILD, what a dumb ass! We were sitting at a stop light and as it turned green he said under his breath "Thank God". "THANK GOD" at a light turning green? HUH? Thank God that I wasn't killed on that test drive, that is what I Thank God for!

Not only that, but he was going off and on the throttle every second! No kidding, he was seriously pushing on the pedal my head was bobbing back and forth with him pushing on and of the gas! This guy must get 12 mpg with this Honda!

Most people don't have even a tiny clue as to what time means and how much time we take doing things.

I am amazed that I can hop on my bike and take a six or seven mile ride in 25 minutes or so. It is amazing how much we do at home in a minute or so. Get up go get a cup of coffee, go the can, these things only take a minute or so.


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