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Originally Posted by ChopsQube View Post
I was going to say roughly the same thing about the battery. If the battery is in good shape and charging normally, that's pretty much all the stabilization the electrical system needs.

Not only that, but if you have a Scan Gauge or an aftermarket volt meter (that doesn't have built-in suppression), heck, even a simple digital multimeter, you can see how steady the voltage is while the car is running, especially at speed and after the alternator is up to full working temp.

The only component that would need any kind of filtration would be the ECU, but the ECU already has sufficient filtration built in, hence no need for such nonsense as the "anal probe" that the Fuel Doc is ripping people off with.
In there defense you need a Oscilloscope to see the delta in the voltage, but again looking at the pdf in my above link I find it hard to believe that slight more filtering would affect much .
I am very skeptical of only dyno tests, you can make outcome whatever you like especially if your dealing in very small % .
In there test they show an increase of ampere amount but at same voltage , hmm to me only way to get that is to introduce more load (resistance ) . It probably be pretty hard to maintain x current usage on newer ECU system, as just about everything is controlled now by ECU .

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